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Linux Foundation Training Tutorials

I just finished writing a couple of courses for the Linux Foundation. These courses deal with some of the most common systems administration tasks.

As part of those courses I’ve also recorded some “Tutorials” (read ‘webinars’) which include content from each of the courses.

Deploying Virtual Hosts in Linux

The first tutorial video is about running virtual hosts in Apache (httpd).

Under most modern web server environments, it is a common to have several unrelated websites share a common physical server. This is made possible by Apache’s virtual hosts, which is an important concept that all Linux system administrators should master before deploying web servers.

Watch “Deploying Virtual Hosts in Linux” on the Linux Foundation’s site.

Using Yum Repositories to Streamline Package Deployment in Linux Environments

The second tutorial deals with creating YUM repositories to manage software installation.

In this Linux training tutorial, we’ll teach you how to set up a yum repository and populate it with your own packages, which help make installation a breeze.

You can watch “Using Yum Repositories to Streamline Package Deployment in Linux Environments” on the Linux foundation site as well.