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Request Tracker for OpenShift

I signed up for OpenShift during SouthEast LinuxFest in 2012. I then proceeded to get busy with other work and let my account and a single instance (some hello world thing) run for a year until I sat in another presentation at SELF 2013. I then decided that I needed to get going on something useful for my OpenShift account. What better use than a ticket tracker for my customers? I’d setup Request Tracker for my ticket tracker, and I’d do it on OpenShift.

My work is all encapsulated in this GitHub repo. You can easily clone and push this to your own OpenShift gear.

Having been burnt multiple times trying to install and package all the Perl dependencies for RT to run on a CentOS server, I was a little gun-shy to get going again. This concern was very quickly assuaged wheh I discovered that OpenShift uses CPAN to handle the dependencies.

The only sticking point I hit was the RT::Shredder libraries being improperly named. I made a patch to the upstream RT code base, which is included as a submodule.

Hope this helps if you’re looking for an easy-to-deploy RT.